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Gabriella Györfi

Nice to meet you!

I am Gabi, the owner of Creative You, this special place for children and adults, who would like to explore their creativity and participate in different workshops and theme events from pottery painting to designing their own sneakers. The sky is the limit!

As a little girl I have always been creative but never talented and I didn’t understand, why I can’t join courses and art studios, why it was the privilege of the only highly talented in my childhood.


This is what inspired me - after years of working in corporate sales and marketing - to open my own creative studio in 2019, which has become a hub for children and adults, who derive pleasure from the creative process of designing, painting, working with clay, printing flowers... you name it!


I love experiencing the shared joy of free creation among friends, families or work colleagues.


Éva Schnitzer

Hello, my name is Évi.

I have 3 wonderful children and an amazing, supporting husband, who are the number one priority in my life.

Gabi is a fun person with a lot of positive energy. Her enthusiasm transferred over to me and I started working at Creative You in 2020.

I've always had a creative streak. I started working with clay about 8 years ago as a hobby, I learned from Birgit Heyner. My new passion is glass fusing. I attended classes at various places to make sure I learn this technique properly. (I am quite the perfectionist ;-)

I enjoy working with children the most. Teaching kids is one of the best parts of my job and a privilege I appreciate and respect a lot.

Handmade pieces are as unique as we all are.

Hanna Sipos

Hi everyone, I’m Hanna.

I am an interior designer educated in London, a creative soul who has been learning a new craft every 3-6 month since I was a child, a wonderer who likes to walk without a destination, a person who has a new idea every day and likes to create and experiment. And many more I guess...
I have moved to Switzerland recently to do my masters degree in scenography, which provides a slightly different angle to my profession, focusing more on the people, the experience and the story we want to tell. Working so closely with many different people fuels my creative side, which I can also utilise in Creative You!

I might be considered an artist, but really, I often like more the works of the youngest, as they still create out of pure passion.

It’s an amazing place to be reminded: we all have something to say, and by creating something with our own two hands, we can express our thoughts and feelings. 

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