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About us

„ Art is the basis of human expression.

Make time to sing and draw, to dance and paint.  

Let the child within breathe easy once again.“

Phylicia Rashad


Creative You - where YOU can be the artist

A women-run business in the heart of Thalwil is a creative hotspot for many, who want to do something creative without any outstanding talent or previous knowledge, with or without kids, enjoying the company of friends and family or some much needed me-time.

Come and create something special for yourself or make a beautiful gift for someone else!

Everyone is welcome.


At Creative You you can laugh, simply get lost in the moment in this ever-rushing world and YOU can be the artist, no matter if you are a top painter or a beginner. Our attentive and welcoming team is here to help you and show you all the tricks and tips you’ll need to create your own artwork.

You can walk in to our studio during our opening hours without booking (our workshops always take place in a separate room).



Bring your friends & family, work colleagues or simply come on your own to relax. In addition, our studio can be rented for children’s and teens' parties, private functions or corporate events.

Besides offering a cozy space for everyone to explore their own creative power, our aim is to provide different workshops and theme events suitable and curated for children and adults, to show the innumerable facets pottery painting, working with clay and glass fusing have to offer.


We believe in the power of the creative process and that it helps you to switch off and to forget everything else and that the shared joy of free creation brings friends, families and even colleagues together.

Our number one priority is our customers' journey, we'll assist, inspire and guide you.


We are hoping to see you soon whenever you are looking for an alternative to the playground, not only on a rainy day! Visit us and spend some quality time together with your friends and family by doing something creative together!


Let’s play with the different materials, techniques and colours and explore creativity together: enjoy time here and now!


Have you been longing for a place where you can create freely, where you have everything you need for creative relaxation?


Have you been looking at different creative programmes, but the evenings are not good, or the dates are not right, or you have to book too far in advance?


Creative You is an open creative studio where you can drop in whenever you feel like creating. 

There's a plethora of ceramics waiting for you in our studio to take them off the shelf, choose your colours and paint them to your liking!

Custom made, to your own design.


We are here to help you from brainstorming to execution.

We'll explain the basics and show you brush strokes and techniques. We also have templates, prints, indigosable patterns and idea-ready painted ceramics waiting for you if you arrive without a specific idea in mind.

It's your job to enjoy it, Creative You's job is to get your creativity flowing and you to leave with a sense of achievement.

Paint freely! You are more creative than you think!

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