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Have you been longing for a place where you can create freely, where you have everything you need for creative relaxation?


Have you been looking at different creative programmes, but the evenings are not good, or the dates are not right, or you have to book too far in advance?


Creative You is an open creative studio where you can drop in whenever you feel like creating. 

Paint freely! You are more creative than you think!

You can just WALK IN without booking during our opening hours even if we have a workshop going on in a separate room, we guarantee your undisturbed creative experience!

Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
It is so easy to create your own ceramic masterpiece!

Just walk in any time during our opening hours, EVEN IF we have a workshop going on - those take place in a separate room, so you always have a place for undisturbed, spontaneous creation.

There is no need to wear protective clothing as the colours can be easily wiped off even from your clothes. Our paints are made in Italy, are certified non-toxic, do not stain and can be washed off with cold water. However, since we want you to be able to fully relax and go with your creative flow instead of worrying about your clothes, we provide aprons.

May we also offer you a lemonade or a cup of tea to get you more into the creative mood?

Prices range between 19 and 199 CHF depending on the piece you choose.

Paints, brushes, stencils, as well as glazing and firing are included in the cost of your piece of pottery.

Please note, that if you only accompany someone painting, but you don’t wish to join the creative fun, you’ll be charged a fee of 20 CHF - we hope you understand, as we have our seats reserved for actively creating guests only. (Except for special cases, like accompanying a child under 8 years of age.)


In case you need to cancel: please notify us latest 24 hours prior to your booking.

Creative You
Creative You
Creative You

Pick a ceramic piece you like.


We have a wide selection of raw ceramics: egg cups, tiny figurines, salt and pepper shakers, honey jars, cups (espresso, cappuccino, tea, latte macchiato, travel), plates of all sizes from kids plates to serving plates, bowls of all kinds for muesli and also for fruits and veggies, vases, butter containers, tea pots... more than 100 different items! 


Bring your ideas to life. No inspiration? Don`t worry! We have lots of stencils and catalogs full of patterns waiting for you, not to mention our team, who are there to help you the entire time with ideas and techniques.


Draw your selected design on your chosen ceramic piece and paint it. You can choose from over 50 different colours and surfaces.

No previous experience is necessary!

We glaze and fire the piece to bring the colours to life and to make it dishwasher- and microwave safe.

The ceramics are fired at 1000 degrees, which gives your pieces store-quality: they will durable, resistant to scraping and scrubbing as well as to ice-cold or burning-hot liquids.


In 2-5 days your unique creations are ready for pick-up. Please note that we can store your artwork for 3 months.

Learn to work with clay!

We are rolling out our dessert plates! Our attentive and welcoming team is there to help and show you the tricks and tips you’ll need to create your unique artwork and paint it in your favourite colour/s.

No previous experience is necessary.


Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Glass fusing - make your own jewellery!

Would you be happy with jewellery that matches your personality?


Would it feel good to brighten up your weekdays with more colour?


Then come to Creative You and create beautiful jewellery for yourself or your friends in our glass-fusing jewellery workshop!


Make your own! 

Find the colours and techniques that suit you. In addition to rings, you can also make earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets with glass fusing.

Create colourful, glittering, fashionable rings, earrings, pendants with our guidance.


We'll show you a variety of techniques, and you choose the colour and pattern of glass you'd like to create your own jewellery from.


After cutting, glueing and decorating, the glass pieces are put in the kiln and fused together. The technique is called “FUSING".


It's up to you, whether you create for yourself and make less jewellery, or you make more jewellery as gifts for others - your team members, your friends and your relatives.

No previous experience is necessary.


The  workshop will introduce you to coloured glass and the variety of uses for it. After a short introduction and a little practice, you will be able to create your own glass jewellery to your own taste.


The variations are endless... create your own style!



We will work with two interesting tools: glass plates and ”spaghetti”glasses.


1. First, we'll teach you how to crack glass and show you techniques to combine and personalise colourful pieces.


2. One by one, we will pack your glass creations with the utmost care to make them as beautiful as possible and make you proud.


3. You can choose from a variety of a ring, a pendant or earring bases, but you can also string your glass pieces as bracelets.



All tools and materials will be provided for the session, you don't need to bring anything. You'll work with professional tools and quality glass and have plenty of colours to choose from. 


Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
Creative You
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